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Another example of the great community shared by the libStorage project, the talented people at FittedCloud have provided a driver for their EBS optimizer.

EBS Optimizer

The FittedCloud EBS Optimizer driver registers a storage driver named fittedcloud with the libStorage service registry and provides the ability to connect and manage thin-provisioned EBS volumes for EC2 instances.


This version of the FittedCloud driver only supports configurations where client and server are on the same host. The libStorage server must be running on each node along side with the FittedCloud Agent.


This version of the FittedCloud driver does not support co-existing with the ebs driver on the same host. As a result it also doesn't support optimizing existing EBS volumes. See the Examples section below for a running example.


The FittedCloud driver does not yet support snapshots or tags.


This driver has the following requirements:

Getting Started

Before starting, please make sure to register as a user by visiting the FittedCloud customer website. Once an account is activated it will be assigned a user ID, which can be found on the Settings page after logging into the web site.

The following commands will download and install the latest FittedCloud Agent software. The flags -o S -m enable new thin volumes to be created via the docker command instead of optimizing existing EBS volumes. Please replace the <User ID> with a FittedCloud user ID.

$ curl -skSL '' \
$ sudo bash ./ -- -o S -m -d <User ID>

Please refer to FittedCloud website for more details.


The following is an example with all possible fields configured. For a running example see the Examples section.

  accessKey:      XXXXXXXXXX
  secretKey:      XXXXXXXXXX
  kmsKeyID:       abcd1234-a123-456a-a12b-a123b4cd56ef
  statusMaxAttempts:  10
  statusInitialDelay: 100ms
  statusTimeout:      2m

Configuration Notes


The following example illustrates how to configured the FittedCloud driver:

  # The libstorage.service property directs a libStorage client to direct its
  # requests to the given service by default. It is not used by the server.
  service: fittedcloud
        driver: fittedcloud
  accessKey:  XXXXXXXXXX
  secretKey:  XXXXXXXXXX

Additional information on configuring the FittedCloud driver may be found at this location.