RADOS Block Device (RBD)

The RBD plug-in can be installed with the following command:

$ docker plugin install rexray/rbd RBD_DEFAULTPOOL=rbd


The RBD plug-in requires that the host has a fully working environment for mapping Ceph RBDs, including having the RBD kernel module already loaded. The cluster configuration and authentication files must be present in /etc/ceph.


The RBD plug-in requires the following privileges:

Type Value
network host
mount /dev, /etc/ceph
allow-all-devices true
capabilities CAP_SYS_ADMIN


The following environment variables can be used to configure the RBD plug-in:

Environment Variable Description Default Required
RBD_CEPHARGS Text to set in the CEPH_ARGS environment variable ""
RBD_DEFAULTPOOL Default Ceph pool for volumes rbd